Prices are subject to change based on exchange rate and government taxes and levies
Guaranteed 100% genuine cars for reasonable price.

Due to recent changes of LUXURY TAXES in Sri Lanka some vehicle models prices could be changed please kindly get verified by sending an email or SMS (0770473622)

How to Buy

Purchasing vehicles at a Japanese Car Auction through is very easy and straight forward. This guide has been designed to assist you in your vehicle purchase.

Registration (free)

Please Register as a Member of this website and access the estimated cost of a vehicle including local taxes (Sri Lanka), freight etc... Also we are being monitoring your interested vehicles and display on the site.

Plan your budget (free)

Next, please review a database of 400,000 vehicles' auction results of the past three months and check how much your target vehicle will go for by comparing similar vehicles, e.g. similar auction grade, year, color and kms, on the database. And prepare your budget, vehicle and import method that you want wish to go for.

In this step if you have any difficulty to select your vehicle please call on 0770 473622 or drop us an email at we will guide you every step of the way.

Refundable Deposit

A refundable security deposit and advanced payment is required for placing bids on a vehicle at Asiri Motor Traders (Pvt) Ltd as agent service. The deposit based on purchase amount of your vehicle. Please call on 0770 473622 for more information.

Note: we will refund your deposit back to you 100%, if you are unsuccessful with your bid. if you are successful with your bid, then you can use this deposit against the payment you owe for the vehicle.

Buy or Bid on Your Vehicle

After we have confirmed your deposit, you will be able to access to the Member page and be in a position to bid for a vehicle.

1. Search your vehicle and submit a bidding request.

2. Receiving your auction result

Successful Bidder: If the bid is successful we will notify you over the phone or by email during the auction date.

For Direct Importers: You will need to open the LC (letter of credit) within 10 days based on provided performer invoice by us, including the day of the auction, after your bid has been successful.

Others: You will need to pay your balance payment within 10 days, including the day of the auction, after your bid has been successful.

Unsuccessful Bidder: We will continue to support your auction process until your bid is successful.

Shipping Your Vehicle

After clearing all payment option on above step 4 our supplier will prepare your vehicle for shipment and we will notify you expected arrival date to Colombo Sri Lanka. In generally this would take 2 to 3 weeks from the day our supplier load the vehicle into ship.

Local Clearance

For direct importers: We help you to clear the vehicle from Sri lanka port when it is arrive. And we provide necessary guidance, documentation and clearing agent. After arranging local custom tax payment by you we will arrange delivery from Sri Lanka port to given address by you. There for you do not need to waste your precious time.

Others: We will notify you when we bring the vehicle into our yard for collection.

If you have more question please do not hesitate to contact us on 0770 473622.