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Guaranteed 100% genuine cars for reasonable price.

Due to recent changes of LUXURY TAXES in Sri Lanka some vehicle models prices could be changed please kindly get verified by sending an email or SMS (0770473622)

About Us

Asiri Motor Traders (Pvt) Ltd was established in late 2010 with hands of experience with spare parts industry. Through our experience and expertise in the Sri Lankan automotive industry, we will assist you with purchasing and importing exceptional vehicles directly from the Japan, England and Thailand.

Our main objective is delivery high quality spare parts and vehicles for Sri Lankan vehicle owners at highly discounted prices.

Currently we stock only few high quality cars (maximum 2 to 4 units) in locally and if you want to find out why? Please click here.

Why we do stock limited number of vehicles in Sri Lanka;

1. We want to give maximum discount to our customers for a high quality vehicle. If we stock higher number of vehicles we would not able to do so.

2. We do not want to import vehicles as produced by vehicle manufactures in the world. We want to import vehicles based on our customer interest.

3. We want to prevent Sri Lanka being a junk yard of other countries.

Why chose Asiri Motor Traders (Pvt) Ltd. to buy your next car ?

- Genuine cars at reasonable price.

- Genuine documentation such as auction sheet and Japan inspection sheet. This will give you the car history of japan such as driven mileage, service history and car repair history if any.

- For direct importer guide lines are given to select highest quality cars from Japan auction houses after signed up our sales agreement.

- Cover all the auction houses. Bidding facilities are available for any auction house in Japan.

- Unlimited auction bidding attempts. Our main objective is to give best price for our customer, and to do this, we carry out as many auction bidding attempts as needed, without any additional charging.

- Maximum bidding amount can be decided by the customer as well as customer can select the vehicles as his/her preference.

- "A" clause marine insurance which covers damages even inside the Sri Lankan port this will benefit for direct importer.

- No delivery & fuel charges. If the car is to be delivered to customer's premises from Hambanthota port we don't charge from customer. It is totally free of charge.

How do we give best reasonable price to our customers?

- No larger stock, mainly do on order based. Only few high quality cars in stock.

- No showroom, No office maintenance cost. Do you know because of that we can cut down over Rs 100,000/-rupees for a month?

- No high advertising cost, we use our official website for advertising. This is daily updated and maintain by one of our director without any cost.

That is how we give high quality car for reasonable price. Do you still believe other car dealers can give better prices than us for a high quality car? If believe please visit our customer feedback page and speak to one of your customers about our service and process.

Based on our extensive experience of importing vehicles and spare parts, we are seeking to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction. Our contact information as follows;

Asiri Motor Traders (Pvt) Ltd.
5B, 8th Lane,
Borupana Road,
Sri Lanka.

Tel: +94 770 473622